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Broadbeans Cavatappi


Our Cavatappi are made with bean flour from the high Tavoliere di Puglia. Bronze drawn, slow drying and low temperature. Intense and fragrant flavor.
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Vicia Faba • The beans come from a very ancient plant, originally from Persia or North Africa and the first traces of them date back to the Bronze and Iron Ages. Formerly used not only as a legume but, after having transformed it into flour, also in the preparation of bread, focaccia and polenta. Already in the early 1800s there are some literary works (for example "La Fisica Appula" by P.F. Michelangelo Manicone of 1806) which attest to how the territory of San Paolo di Civitate is particularly suitable for the cultivation of broad beans. Today it remains a widely used and versatile legume for the preparation of many dishes.

Broad beans in corkscrew and wild boar ragout

    Ingredients for 4 people: • 1 carrot / 2 celery stalks / 1 medium onion
    • 1 clove of garlic
    • 250 gr chopped wild boar
    • 300 gr tomato sauce
    • ½ glass of white wine
    • Oil and salt to taste
    • 2 knobs of butter
    • 3 tablespoons of Parmesan cheese
    • 400 gr corkscrew of broad beans

    Heat the oil with the pepper and garlic in a pan and melt the anchovies. Add the breadcrumbs and toast the bread over medium heat, stirring to prevent it from burning and once golden, let it cool. Melt the butter by salting it slightly and add the truffle. Cook the corkscrews for 6 minutes, drain and stir quickly in the truffle butter. Serve with a sprinkling of crispy anchovy bread.