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Steamed Cicerchie Organic

280 g

Steaming is the healthiest cooking method, ideal for maximizing the vitamin and mineral content of food. The quality of Di Nunzio legumes give the genuineness of the natural flavors of culinary traditions. The entire range of products packaged by Di Nunzio srl are born from the love for our land of Puglia, and the curiosity towards fertile and warm distant lands determine the quality of our carefully selected products thanks to the most modern technologies.
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Lathyrus sativus – Cicerchia is a legume that is now difficult to find, grown only in some areas of central Italy in small quantities. It is an annual plant, Lathyrus sativus, which resembles the vetch and contains seeds in its pods that are slightly larger than peas but more crushed. Already used by the Ancient Romans (cicercula), Cicerchia Bianca Gigante di San Paolo differs from other varieties present in Italy for its natural size, light color, ease of cooking, unique and harmonious taste. The nutritional contents are reported in the “nutritional contents” section. The Cicerchie Di Nunzio are grown in Puglia in the upper Tavoliere della Daunia area, particularly in the grounds surrounding the municipality of San Paolo di Civitate.

How to heat the product:

• In a traditional pan; • In a bain-marie by immersing the bag in hot water and heating it for 5 minutes; • In the microwave, pouring into a plate and heat for 3 minutes at 750 W.

Cicerchia di S. Paolo with croutons

    Ingredients for 4 people:
    • 500 gr of Cicerchia Bianca di S. Paolo
    • 150 gr of cherry tomatoes
    • 15 Cl. of Apulian Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    • 300 gr of toasted bread slices
    • 2 cloves of garlic
    • 1 medium onion
    • parsley

    Clean the Cicerchie from any impurities and soak for 8-10 hours, then rinse, drain and cook for 30 minutes in plenty of water, adding a pinch of baking soda. Clean the garlic, wash and chop the parsley and slice the onion.
    Combine everything with the Cicerchie with an olive oil and the chopped tomatoes and leave to cook for another 40 minutes. Meanwhile, bake the slices of bread to prepare the croutons. Arrange them on a large plate and pour in the cooked Cicerchia.
    Serve the dish hot with the addition of a drizzle of Pugliese extra virgin olive oil.