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Lentils flour

500 g

This mineral-red colored flour gives character and strong taste to the dough. It can also be cooked as a soup (same procedure as mashed potatoes)
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Lens Esculenta –Lentils were among the first legumes grown by man, traces of them have been found dating back to 5500 BC. Lentils spread in Asia Minor before in Europe. There are larger green and darker seeded varieties grown in the United States and North America, and smaller orange, red or brown seeded varieties also grown in the Mediterranean Basin. They are the most digestible of all legumes. Di Nunzio Lentils are grown by leading local production companies.

With this flour I discovered a winning recipe, that is, vegetable burgers!


The chickpea flour of Legumi del Tavoliere has all the flavor of my beloved land of Puglia, living far away makes me remember the genuine flavors of the south.

very good

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Nutritional properties

Rich in vegetable proteins, lentils also contain many carbohydrates, many fibers, many vitamins, especially A, B1, B2, C, PP, mineral salts such as calcium, potassium and iron and very little fat. Due to the high protein content, lentils are considered a valid alternative to a second course based on meat, fish, eggs or cheese.

100% legumes flour

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