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Broadbeans flour

500 g

The broadbean flour has a strong and decisive flavor. Dull white in color, it gives taste and can be used for farinata, vegetable meatballs and crepes dough.
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Vicia Faba •The broadbean come from a very ancient plant, originally from Persia or North Africa and the first traces of them date back to the Bronze and Iron Ages. Formerly used not only as a legume but, after having transformed it into flour, also in the preparation of bread, focaccia and polenta. Already in the early 1800s there are some literary works (for example "La Fisica Appula" by P.F. Michelangelo Manicone of 1806) which attest to how the territory of San Paolo di Civitate is particularly suitable for the cultivation of broad beans. Today it remains a widely used and versatile legume for the preparation of many dishes.

The bean flour allows me to make delicious and completely vegetable crepes. I am very satisfied.


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The beans contain a lot of water, fibers, proteins, almost irrelevant the presence of fats. Water and fibers help both diuresis and intestinal motility, together with the many minerals present. Among these the iron stands out, obviously vegetable, which makes it a recommended food even in cases of deficiency of this mineral. Many vitamins, including ascorbic acid.

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