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Lentils Cavatappi


Our Corkscrews are produced with Di Nunzio red lentil flour, bronze drawn and dried slowly at low temperature. With a very pleasant flavor and inviting scent, this pasta is excellent for a diet higher in iron.
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Lens Esculenta – Lentils were among the first legumes cultivated by man, traces of them have been found dating back to 5500 BC.

Lentils spread in Asia Minor earlier than in Europe. There are larger green and darker-seeded varieties grown in the United States and North America, and smaller orange, red or brown-seeded varieties also grown in the Mediterranean Basin.

digestible among all legumes. Di Nunzio Lentils are grown by leading local production companies.

Lentils in corkscrew with truffles

    Ingredients 4 people:
  • • 250 gr butter
  • • 100 gr of truffle
  • • 10 gr anchovies in oil
  • • 100 gr of breadcrumbs
  • • 1 clove of garlic
  • • Black pepper to taste
  • • 400 gr corkscrew Azienda Di Nunzio
  • Heat the oil with pepper and garlic in a pan and melt the anchovies. Add the breadcrumbs and toast the bread over medium heat, stirring to prevent it from burning and once golden, let it cool. Melt the butter by salting it slightly and add the truffle. Cook the corkscrews for 6 minutes, drain and stir quickly in the truffle butter. Serve with a sprinkling of crispy anchovy bread.