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Cicerchie caserecce


Our Caserecce are produced with Cicerchia flour from the upper Tavoliere di Puglia. Bronze drawn, slow drying and low temperature. With a delicate taste and harmonious aroma, this pasta is easy to cook.
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Lathyrus sativus • The cicerchia is a legume that is now difficult to find, cultivated only in some areas of Italy in small quantities. It is an annual plant that looks like vetch and contains seeds in its pods that are slightly larger than peas but more crushed. Already used by the Ancient Romans (cicercula), Cicerchia Bianca Gigante di San Paolo differs from other varieties present in Italy for its natural size, light color, ease of cooking, unique and harmonious taste.

Homemade cicerchie with broad beans and chicory

    Ingredients 4 people:
  • • 300 gr Di Nunzio dried beans
  • • 500 gr chicory
  • • 2 white onions
  • • 1 potato
  • • Oil to taste
  • • Salt to taste
  • • 400 gr "Casareccie di Cicerchie" Azienda Di Nunzio
  • Rinse the broad beans twice In a saucepan, pour the broad beans, the peeled potato cut into not too small pieces and the peeled onion cut into wedges. Fill with water to cover more than a finger, add a drizzle of oil and cook over low heat eliminating the layer of "foam" that is created on the surface. Almost at the end of cooking, add salt to the beans. Blend everything. Clean the chicory and wash them. Blanch them in lightly salted water and drain. Once cold, cut them thinly and fry them with oil and finely chopped onion. Salt the chicory further if necessary. Cook the casarecci for 6 minutes, drain and pour into the chicory. Add the broad bean cream and mix.