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Cicerchie Flour

500 g

This flour has a light color, and a singular taste, ideal for focaccia.
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Lathyrus sativus • The cicerchia is a legume that is now difficult to find, cultivated only in some areas of Italy in small quantities. It is an annual plant that looks like vetch and contains seeds in its pods that are slightly larger than peas but more crushed. Already used by the Ancient Romans (cicercula), Cicerchia Bianca Gigante di San Paolo differs from other varieties present in Italy for its natural size, light color, ease of cooking, unique and harmonious taste.

With this flour I discovered a winning recipe, that is, vegetable burgers!


The chickpea flour of Legumi del Tavoliere has all the flavor of my beloved land of Puglia, living far away makes me remember the genuine flavors of the south.

Pugliese taste

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Cicerchie are very rich in proteins and useful for the heart, teeth, bones and muscles. This legume is a food rich in proteins. It also contains B vitamins, vitamin PP, calcium and phosphorus. They also boast a good share of fiber. Cicerchie are low in fat but very energetic. They stimulate memory and improve muscle tone.

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