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The quality of the Di Nunzio beans give the genuineness of the natural flavors of culinary traditions. The entire range of products packaged by Di Nunzio srl are born from the love for our land of Puglia, and the curiosity towards fertile and warm distant lands determine the quality of our carefully selected products thanks to the most modern technologies.
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Vicia Faba – The beans come from a very ancient plant, originally from Persia or North Africa and the first traces of them date back to the Bronze and Iron Ages. They are the first legume seeds consumed by man. Typical food product in peasant Italy. Formerly used not only as a legume but, after having transformed it into flour, also in the preparation of bread, focaccia and polenta. Already in the early 1800s there are some literary works (for example "La Fisica Appula" by P.F. Michelangelo Manicone of 1806) which attest to how the territory of San Paolo di Civitate is particularly suitable for the cultivation of broad beans. Today it remains a widely used and versatile legume for the preparation of many dishes. The nutritional contents are reported in the “nutritional contents” section. Di Nunzio beans are grown in Puglia in the upper Tavoliere della Daunia area, particularly in the grounds surrounding the municipality of San Paolo di Civitate.

A visual check is recommended after use given the naturalness of the product. Wash the product and soak it for about 6 hours. Drain the water and cook for about 30/40 minutes.

Broadseans and chicory

    Ingredients for 4 people:
    • 500 gr of shelled dried broad beans
    • 1 kg of chicory (preferably wild)
    • 250 gr of cherry tomatoes
    • 300 gr of sliced bread
    • 30 Cl of Apulian extra virgin olive oil
    • hot pepper, garlic, salt
    Wash and clean the chicory. In a saucepan, cook the beans in a little water and over low heat for 30 minutes to obtain a puree. Boil the chicory. Sauté with oil, garlic and chilli, adding the chopped tomatoes. Add the chicory to flavor and continue cooking for about 10 minutes. Pour the puree into a serving dish. Add the contents of the casserole, season with a drizzle of raw Apulian extra virgin olive oil and garnish with the slices of bread that you put in the oven to make croutons. Serve and enjoy the hot dish.

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